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Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Truth

God enjoys using teachable moments in our lives. If we are willing to be taught, I believe we can find lessons in the most bizarre, frustrating or joyful circumstance. A medical record screw up at a hospital, for instance.

As we sat in an ICU room watching over my brother, my mother and I were greeted by many different doctors. Each had a different story, a different prognosis, a different opinion and a different procedure. After doctor number 4, we were confused. When doctor number 5 marched in the room, we objected, so she went and called in doctor number 6 who marched in, insisted he was right and all other doctors were wrong and that he was now the man in charge. We got angry.

It made me realize the importance of the truth and the failures of the human mind. Regardless of the fact that all of Justin's information was in the chart, every doctor had a different opinion of how the information was interpretted. Some said he was fine. Others thought he still needed more tests. We sat there, confused.

Then came doctors 7 and 8. Doctor 8 was the best. He looked at Justin and said, "Let me tell you what your chart is telling me and you tell me if it is true." He was searching for truth. He found it. We found our answer, and we were discharged.

The whole ordeal reminded me of situations many Christians find themselves in. They will derive their theology from devotional books or songs instead of going to the Word. So, when an issue arises and opinions conflict, we are caught in a crossfire of opinions and untruths. Well, this singer said this. This author says that. We live confused with a graying theology. Our absolutes begin to blur, and mix because of the catchy jingle playing on the radio. If it sounds so good in a song, could it be wrong? Sure! Because we are human.

Forget the singer; Forget the author. Tell me what the Word says is truth, because that is truth. Take the words of the singer, the author... take them to the Lord and say, "God, this is what people are telling me about You. Tell me if it is truth."

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