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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Of Little Faith

A group of young ladies and I were discussing the faith of Peter. Everyone always knocks the faith of Peter. That Peter! He had such a weak faith. He was such a loser. He took his eyes off Jesus and sank right in front of Him! Peter had such a poor faith.

My question to the populace is, "What about the other disciples?" How often do you hear the chickens of the sea derided for the fact that they never even thought about walking on the water. Oh the irony of it all if their boat had flipped.

The ladies I was talking with asked if Peter had failed. Some others asked to be more specific as to what task he failed.

Peter had faith. That was not an issue. Contrary to popular teaching Peter did have faith. He jumped out of that boat and started cruising across the water. When's the last time you were caught on a little fishing boat in the middle of a storm and decided to try strolling across the waves? That step alone took alot of faith.

Peter failed when he tried to do it on his own.

When Peter stepped out of the boat, he asked Jesus. He was talking, communicating with Jesus. Jesus told him, "Go for it!" So, he did. He got out of the boat. Everything is dandy until he stops focusing on Jesus and starts realizing what exactly he is doing. He freaks out.

Hebrews says that Jesus is the Author and the Finisher of our faith. He tells us to step out onto the water and then sustains us as we walk across it. Faith isn't a one time thing. That is the lesson Peter learned. Christ is to be our Finisher. Peter drowned when he became his own finisher. We will too.

Friday morning I was praying about my future book. Progress has been occurring at a mind-blowing pace. It is enough to make me dizzy. As I prayed the thought crossed my mind, "Pray for a publisher." I thought, "I haven't even finished writing. I will pray for the publisher once I am finished. It is foolish to pray for that now." So I did not. I said Amen and never asked to find a publisher.

This morning, I was humbled by my own lack of faith. Yesterday, I found a publisher, by going to a birthday party of all things. The birthday party of a one year old provided me with a publisher who accepts unsolicited manuscripts with content like unto mine. The whole thing didn't really hit until this morning as I prayed.

I was reminded of that thought I had on Friday and wept. Oh, how weak is my faith, but how great is my God who provided even when I didn't have enough faith to pray for it. His authorship makes us His children, but what blessings we could receive as Christians if we let Jesus be the Finisher of that faith!

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