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Friday, August 8, 2008

When Everything Fell...

People are under a very common misconception that bad things never happen to Christians. We take the whole 'soaring on wings like eagles' and make it mean that we will sail through life, problem free. Note the word 'misconception.'

The Christian is not immune from trial. In fact, being a Christian sometimes makes us more prone to go through them. Trusting God is just that, trusting. A follower of Christ faces trials with the belief in the truth that this trial will bring about a divine purpose far above our own.

Today, after work, I received word that one of my dear friends is being deported. Deported. That he was taken by authorities and is being held miles upon miles away, facing immediate deportation to his 'motherland.'

My heart stopped and I think I forgot to breathe for a few minutes. Deported. This a man who just weeks ago was right there with me when I was struggling with the possibility of malignant cancer. This is a man who pours his heart and soul into the ministry, into serving God. He would give the shirt off his back in a heart beat. One of the kindest hearts I know. A man who, just this past Wednesday, handed me a volleyball basics book that he got a couple years ago. You just last Friday was out on the court with me breaking in the volleyball team.

To say that I am still in shock might be a tad bit of an understatement. I'm in disbelief and it really is one of those moments when my flesh wants to thrust a fist toward Heaven and question the intentions of an Almighty God. To picture, in my mind, this brother in Christ being drug away like a common criminal, and isolated from contact with those of us who love him dearly. It breaks my heart.

It makes me run to God.

I learn every time a big trial hits that I don't have to know why. Sometimes it would be nice to know though, wouldn't it? It would be nice if I came home from work and read that email and found a new one in my box that was from my Creator telling me exactly what He plans on doing. That isn't how faith works. That is how faith is worked in us.

There is a reason. It is completely beyond me at this point what exactly that reason could be. It seems unwise to rip the rug out from under a developing youth ministry. To pull the best audio visual guy from a newly-budding audio visual ministry. Seems a little bizarre to me. A lot of things don't make sense to me. What does though, is trust. I know I can trust a God who has never ever ever failed-- ever. He knows, He is in control and He cares. Above all that, there is a reason.

"Late at night I wonder why, sometimes I wonder why. Sometimes I'm so tired I don't even try. Seems everything around me fails but I hold on to the promise
that there is a reason.

Late at night, the darkness makes it hard to see the history of the saints who've gone in front of me. Through famine, plague and disbelief His hand was still upon them 'cause there is a reason. There is a reason.

He makes all things good. He makes all things good. There's a time to live and a time to die, a time for wonder and to wonder why cause there is a reason. There is a reason.

I believe in a God who sent His only son to walk upon this world and give His life for us. With blood and tears on a long, dark night we know that He believed that there is a reason. There is a reason.

For the lonely nights, and broken hearts, the widow's mite in the rich man's hand, and the continent whose blood becomes a traitor-

For the child afraid to close their eyes, the prayers that seem unanswered
There is a reason. There is a reason. "
~There is a Reason, by Caedmon's Call from OverDressed.