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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have to tell you that I absolutely love "Behold" moments. They happen suddenly and don't last long. Usually, when my mind is wandering, I will stumble across some thought and trip over it. When I look to see what it was, I find a shining jewel. I like to stick it in my pocket, bring it home and share.

I was pulling into the garage yesterday listening to our local Christian radio station when "We Fall Down" by Steven Curtis Chapman and Chris Tomlin began to play. I am all for private worship, and though I will not raise my hands and whatnot in church, I will definitely do it in my car when I am alone (and while the car is not moving). Yesterday, I turned the engine off, shut the garage door and just let the music play.

"We fall down, we lay our crowns, at the feet of Jesus. The greatness of mercy and love, at the feet of Jesus. And we cry holy, holy, holy. We cry holy, holy, holy. We cry holy, holy, holy, is the Lord."

A thought struck me right after the first line. "This song is in present tense." Being a writer, those things are important to me, because I know they are important to fellow writers. I thought about what could be meant by this.

I had always thought this song was in reference to Revelation and Heaven where we lay our crowns at the feet of Jesus. There is a conflict in that interpretation though because both the writer and myself are alive and are therefore not in Heaven. So, how can I be currently laying down my crowns at the feet of Jesus? Surely Heaven's worship must be possible, if on a much lesser scale, here on earth.

A verse I read recently came to mind. Proverbs 25:27 "It is not good to eat much honey: so for men to search their own glory is not glory."

My glory. Insteresting thought. That I would have glory. Isn't God supposed to have all of the glory? Then came the realization. Men have glory. We have glory that does not belong to us. It belongs to him.

Our crowns are our glory. The praise and the applause of man graces our heads and gives us places of honor and prestige. But we don't get ourselves there. God puts us there, so all of the glory both now and forever, every crown I will ever wear- whether placed by God or man- has been given by God and belongs to Him.

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