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Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy with God

Life can have ebbs and flows. These last few days have been crazy. These next few days could be crazy. School is wrapping up meaning less work for the students but more work for the teachers as we try to wrap up our year and motivate the unmotivated students. Couple that with the countless year-end activities, graduation parties and field trips and life gets exciting. That is just school.

It is at times like these when it is easy to lose focus. The daily planner can become overwhelming and it feels like we even have to pencil in time to breathe. Sleep becomes a luxury and food an if-maybe. Life kicks into high gear and we often feel we are being dragged behind, struggling to stay on our feet. We race and race and race and pray for it to be over. When the spinning stops, we stand still, catch our breath, and say a prayer of gratitude for surviving. We take two steps before being swept away again. Life is a relentless cycle.

To some the journey is much more rewarding. When the focus is where it belongs, business turns to blessing. Instead of being overwhelmed with a to-do list, we are overwhelmed with God's goodness. We feel blessed to be able to serve in the capacities we are called to fill.

When we focus on God and busy ourselves with the things of God, we open the floodgates for blessing. Priorities are still important, but when serving God is first, days seem to gain hours and life seems more controlled, because instead of living it for ourselves, we are living it for someone else. In that life, we find satisfaction and fulfillment. Joy unspeakable and peace.

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