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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Linebackers and Princes

Welcome to February! The month of 'love.' This month I really want to make it a goal to write on here daily. We'll see how well that works. I cannot guarantee that all of the posts will be lengthy or deep, but surely February is filled with enough topics and few enough days to generate substance sufficient for a daily blog.

Today's topic: Nobility.

It does tie in to the topic of love. In recent discussions with a young man, he mentioned that number one thing he was looking for in a wife was noble character. That being said, it was in my best interest to figure out exactly what that meant. What does it mean to have 'noble' character? I was pretty sure I had it... but then again, if I couldn't define it, how could I know? As I sat here in front of the computer, checking my various emails and websites, the thought crept up to research the exact definition and meaning of 'noble.'

Modern-day man has a problem with 'old' words. If it can't be shortened into texter-friendly symbols then it is no longer worth speaking. I wouldn't say that I am completely immersed in the text world... my text messages are written out and take up all 160 characters I am allotted. It is a last resort for me to shorten "you are" to "u r." Still, this man had used a word that I should know the meaning of but didn't.


It has many definitions, actually. One thought is-
distinguished by rank or title.

My rank or title does not distinguish me as noble at all. Jessica Harris, high school math teacher and monitor. No noble blood runs through my veins. This is referencing the nobility- the kingly line. Royalty.

Then there is another thought-
of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence; lofty: a noble thought.

The first thing that popped into my head was 'holier-than-thou.' Lofty. Lofty just kinda shoots the idea of noble out of the sky. It makes it sound most unpleasant.

very impressive or imposing in appearance; stately; magnificent: a noble monument.

Again, not exactly fitting the bill here. When I think of imposing in appearance, I think of a linebacker. THAT is imposing. Somehow the connection wasn't being made. I don't see how thoughts, linebackers and princes are all able to be defined by one word.

Then, yet another definition for 'noble.'

of an admirably high quality; notably superior; excellent.

And then things started to make sense. Noble serves as an adjective. It describes something. I looked up its synonyms in a theasarus (two more anti-text words... look em up). Want to know the thought that noble carries?


Seriously. That is the idea of 'noble.' It causes whoever is near whatever is noble to step back and say, "Woah." It brings admiration and respect. Think of a princess. She is stately and elegant. When she walks, speaks, smiles... people say, "Woah." Think of a large monument, a world wonder. People stop and say, "Woah."

So what this man is looking for in a wife is someone who causes others to stand back and say, "Woah!" Not because she is going through with this attitude of "I am so amazing" but because her character and conduct set her apart from the rest of the pack. Some more modern words for 'noble.'

dignified, excellent, benevolent, charitable, courtly, cultivated, dignified, distinguished, extraordinary, first-rate, generous, gracious, great-hearted, high-minded, honorable, humane, magnificent, meritorious, refined, remarkable, reputable, splendid, stately, sublime, supreme, sympathetic, upright, virtuous, worthy

I see a few words in there that ring a bell. One really sticks out because I just read it yesterday. "Virtuous"

Prov 31: 10 "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies."

Who can find a noble woman...

Go one step further.

Who can find a princess...

A little too far, a little eccentric. Probably. That's exactly why this question is asked, "Who can find her?" Look at what such a discovery is worth, "far above rubies." Rubies. Not silver or gold. The author chose rubies, a brilliant radiant gem. A virtuous/noble woman is worth far more than that.

So, Proverbs 31 becomes the standard for living a life that makes people step back and say "Woah!" And it is a standard greatly lacking in our age. Women are encouraged into full time careers, to climb to the top of the corporate ladder and proclaim equality and leave the husband and children behind. No woman belongs 'bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen' they say. They cry for justice and for tolerance. They have murdered the woman God intended for us to be. By no means less than man, but a fulfiller of a completely different role.

Look through the 31st chapter of Proverbs. See how it references the husbands relationship to his wife. He cherishes her. If I had something that was priceless, I would cherish it too.

As a side note, the rise of the modern women has also murdered the Godly man. The prince we all dream of marrying... we killed him. When a young man strives to serve a woman she, in her climb up the ladder, ridicules him. How dare he treat her like she is incompetent? Who does he think he is to open her door? To offer his arm? She can handle herself, thank you very much. And so, our quests as Miss Independent leave us very independent and, consequently, miserable.

Today, too many women have a price. They can be purchased with money and the promise of power and respect. Young women do not know what it means to be noble. To be above the pack. To live by a different standard. A noble standard.

As daughters of the most High King, we are Daughters of the most noble birth, and it is high time we refine our skills and live the life of a princess. Strive to live a life that catches the world's attention and makes people step back and say, "Woah!"

A fancy suit: $300
A plastic face: $2000
A master's degree: $20000
A woman who fears the Lord: priceless

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