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Monday, February 2, 2009

At the moment, my mind is torn between two different topics. On one hand I want to write about 'fairness' on the other, I have been greatly intrigued lately by the thought of love and our inborn desire for it. I had fully intended on writing about 'fairness' as it has been a topic of much discussion recently, but instead feel led to banter on about the human heart and its need for love. It is February, after all.

I wouldn't call myself an expert in the field of love. I would call myself an expert at desiring it, but as far as understanding it, I cannot. What is love? really. More than that, what is it with humans and our desire to be loved?

A friend and I were talking today. We chuckled when we realized that we both struggle with the problem of losing focus when it comes to loving God vs. loving men. It isn't that at any point in our lives we hate God; we just find ourselves distracted by butterflies, by fleeting thoughts of our knight in shining armor. The temptation is ever-present, to take measurements of men around us and see if they will fit in the suit of armor we have in the halls of our heart.

Many are taught to ignore that. Taught to fight through life without getting too close to people. We wouldn't want to get hurt.

We do more harm than good when we promote such reaction. That longing is a God-given one. More than that, it is meant to be filled by Him and Him alone.

For this month, I have decided to read 1 Corinthians 13 every day. I have prayed that God would teach me to love. Not the roses and chocolate covered cherries love, but the love that sees people the way God sees them. The love that knows our flaws and our weaknesses and still perseveres. That is the only true love.

As hard as I try, only one person will ever fill that need, that desire, and that is God. As I read through my Bible this month, I want to take note of the different 'needs' that Christ fills. Today, I was reminded:

Christ is my Protector.
Christ is my Provider.
Christ is my Healer.
Christ is the Source of Wisdom.

When it is all stripped away, we realize that all we ever need finds itself fulfilled in Him.

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