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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your Future Affects Your Now

Call me slow but I just found out that a well-known Christian artist has 'come out of the closet.' I have this overwhelming urge to vomit. After I'm done, I want to go up to my room, gather up all of his CDs and snap them in half and put them in the trash.

Why? Not because I hate gay people. I'm not a gay basher. Do I believe the lifestyle is wrong. Yes, and I say that without shame. The homosexual lifestyle is wrong. It is sinful, perverse and wicked. I do not approve of the lifestyle, but I do love the people. After all, didn't Jesus eat with the whores and the embezlers? Yes, He did. He loved them. He came to save them.

I can't stand the hypocrites. If you struggle with something, be honest before yourself and God and then get it right.

More than that, it breaks my heart to see people who impact the world for Christ but then make a stupid decision and cover all that work in black paint. Years of ministry just went down the drain, in my opinion. A shining light for Christ has just been 'busheled.' I don't want to listen to his songs anymore because the whole time I will be thinking of him proclaiming that God made him this way and that God wouldn't send him to hell for being who He created him to be.

Are we that deceived?

Have we lost sight of the cause of Christ that much?

Understand something, your life impacts people. The decisions you make will make a difference in someone else's life. That is fact. Unless of course you live in a cave, devoid of all human contact which isn't the case because you are reading this. You impact people! The more people you impact, the more responsibility you have to make that impact a positive one.

Remember this. You will never retire from this part of your life. You may retire from singing, or teaching or preaching but people will still look up to you and the decisions you continue to make will still affect them. Your sin will have consequences. The choices you make now will affect your future, but your future choices will also affect your now.

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