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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where I've Been

For the very few of you who follow this but don't follow me on Facebook, the past two months have been full of growth.  God ripped open doors for Beggar's Daughter that I never anticipated, and I have been devoting much of my energy to growing that ministry.  Because of that, I decided not to apply to the sex trafficking ministry this past April and to pray about it more and wait for God to lead. 

Instead, I have been focusing on writing and, as I said earlier, growing Beggar's Daughter.  There was a site upgrade (that I am still getting used to) and a lot of writing for my first book.   I have spent the last three weeks researching agents and publishers and getting in touch with my contacts in the ministry/editing/publishing worlds.

I spent the last week of April casting out hooks for freelance articles and will be published this fall in a Christian magazine for teen girls and will be published at some point in a magazine for Christian women- neither is officially confirmed so I cannot announce them. 

That same week, I was contacted by a missions organization in Canada asking me to come speak to their female missionaries.  I agreed and then was offered to speak at a women's breakfast the same weekend... this weekend.  I am actually currently in New York at a host home waiting to drive in to Canada tomorrow afternoon.   I am staying at a lovely farmhouse and went out to visit the cows this afternoon (this country girl still has some spunk left in her!)  Cows: 1  My laundry:0

I will speak tomorrow evening and then again on Saturday morning.  If you know anyone in or around the Ottawa area, please send them over!

A couple days ago, the door opened for one of the largest ministry partnerships Beggar's Daughter has had to date.  It is a big deal and will give huge exposure, clout and opportunity to this ministry.  It is stretching for me as well.  I will be addressing a different aspect of this ministry: talking with male youth leaders about how to approach the topic of purity with their teenage girls.  Phew!  There are alot of details in that, but I am excited about the opportunity and grateful for another partner in this ministry.

God is doing big things over at Beggar's Daughter, so if I am not over here much, swing over there. 

Prayer requests for now:

For guidance in this book-writing process.  If anyone out there thought this was easy, think again! Navigating the rapids of agents and publishers and guidelines is not for the faint of heart.  It is exhausting, frustrating, and full of disappointment.  I already have three agent rejections!

For open doors in ministry.  There are a few potential outlets for Beggar's Daughter in development and I am excited to be able to spend the summer working on them.

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